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How Many Revisions Can I Get Per Project?

Each client gets a Max (3) revisions , after is a $40 fee for each revision afterward.

How long does the process take?

Each project is subject to a turn around time of 7-14 business days,
My company will update you with the first draft once it is complete.

What do I need to provide before we begin the Logo process?
For each project it varies. Things you must have before working on branding, High quality pictures , brand colors , brand name , a sense of direction when it comes to the design , I do not read minds so please make sure you are very detail in filling out the form for your design
What if I need my project done before 7-14 business days?

Clients can receive their project in 2-3 days and will be charge a $50 Rush delivery fee per project.

Do you provide Refunds?

All payments are non-refundable once the invoice is paid. In any circumstances I am not able to start the project you will then be contacted and only then will you be fully refunded all money paid.

Where is your company located?

My company is located in New York City based in Queens.

What if I don’t have an idea of how I want my design to look?

You must have a general idea of how you want your logo or branding material to look it does not have to be
precise because that’s where my creativity comes in play but also keep in mind 3 revisions may
Go by fast , So when filling out the form be very detailed with colors , sample photos and etc

What if I contact you later on to have changes to my design?

In the event, you need to revise your design after the final , after a 7 7day time period there will be an archive fee of $40 + $20 for the revision.

What if there is no contact after 3 days of any of the drafts sent out ?

If there is no contact after 7 days from when I have sent out a draft , your project will be terminated and there is no refund. you will have to pay the same price as before to start over.

Retainer Projects (refunds , policies ,etc)

All Retainer Projects once started there is indeed absolutely no Refunds on any payment made during projects. Cancellations fee is $50 at anytime you want to end retainers 

2. First payment. Once the paperwork is completed and the first retainer fee is paid, we will setup all your projects needed for the month in our client service dashboard. Prior to the 2nd month, we will have a conference call or video chat to review the next month’s priorities. Payment for the month ahead will be due on the 1st of each month. 

3. Repeat. We will repeat the process each month for the remainder of the program you selected. 

4. Reevaluate. At the end of your contract, we will review the program to see if you want to adjust the number of designs reserved each month before signing again!